Artemis is one of the oldest known archetypes of the Goddess, even pre-dating her appearance as one of the most loved Olympians in Greek times. She is known for her masterful aim, skill, and independence. She is connected with the moon, nature and the wild, a great huntress as well as the protector of animals, women and girls.  Artemis has a twin brother, Apollo, whose birth she assisted, which is how she became Guardian of Childbirth.

Artemis is sovereign unto herself, not needing to be betrothed or tethered to a man. She hunts and lives on equal terms and is not bound by culture or norms around her dress or appearance. She is a harbinger of light who takes her gifts seriously and uses them to illumine and uplift her world. Artemis is part of a sisterhood that cares for one another and is mutually supportive. She enjoys her freedom to roam and spend time in the forests and mountains.

Her silver bow is also known to bring a painless death. As one who presides over birth and death, Artemis reminds us to be awake and aware, to track and choose wisely during our time here on Earth.

Having asked at a young age for the things she knew she would need to fulfill her destiny, Artemis clearly demonstrated her ability to assess the situation, know what she wanted and how to be supported to live life on her terms and to the fullest!

She represents the kind of woman I am and want to mentor, guide, and teach.