Changing Woman


 for women in transition or already in menopause

together we will explore the 

Inner Alchemy of Becoming = Who Am I Now?

5 week online elemental journey

Alchemy: a process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. Sometimes with out explanation


We will gather by zoom in the cosmic circle – womb carriers, each in her own stage of transformation. Together we will explore the rite of passage as the blood draws up and the life experience quotient rises = Who Am I Now? 

Alchemy is a Magical Transformation and that is what is happening as we journey this part of the wheel of life as Changing Woman. Into Queen, Wise Woman, GrandMother, Crone – what name do you have for her? What name will you create for yourself?

This is an opportunity to be held, like the caterpillar in the chrysalis, to have others to share with and to be witnessed and celebrated.

We will share our experiences, confirm our sanity and acknowledge we are not the same as before. There will be time to grieve, mourn, honor, harvest, celebrate and claim who you have been and are now becoming. 


This course is especially for those women who don’t now or never did feel connected to their womb. This place in our bodies is still potent- beyond potentials of babymaking. There is mystery and power there. In this course we will consult our own inner feminine sanctuary to see what she needs and what stories she has to tell about life and what’s next.



Course Details: Beginning in May 2019

For more details write or call