Conscious Relating

Conscious Relating is another path I have created to offer Artemis women and their partners a remarkable way to consciously come together, un-couple with love, and make babies. 

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Conscious Coupling

The Artemis woman is choosey about who she brings into her life. She understands that joining in relationship with an intimate partner can expand or disband her. In Conscious Coupling, I mentor clients as they prepare for a relationship, sometimes before they have met the person and often after they have entered into a relationship and are considering taking it to the next level. I bring all my gifts, including my training in feminine/masculine communication, my expertise in clearing and healing past wounds, and my skill in bridging worlds to help lay a foundation for open-hearted conscious relating.

What They're Saying:

"Layla shepherded my now husband and I through a difficult process of breakup. Because of the spaciousness she helped us to find, and her guiding light through our individual healing paths, we were able to reunite as two more whole people.  We opened to new levels of love and understanding that culminated in our reunion and marriage.  We still call on her tool box of functional tips and tricks regularly as we navigate the sometimes challenging waters of relationship."

Rebecca Goodman, Artist
Married to Jonah  

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Conscious Uncoupling

his ceremony is a powerful way to honor any life-changing milestone you have crossed or are crossing. These can be empty nest, health challenge, divorce, death or loss on any level, new career or business, becoming a mother or grandmother, graduation, new cycle of life, or whatever it is that is rocking your world. The Honoring Ceremony empowers the Artemis woman to consciously walk across that threshold deeply acknowledging and embracing her gifts and powers, renewing her passion to live life on her terms.

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Conscious Baby-Making

This potent rite of passage supports the Artemis woman at any age to consciously honor and celebrate the transitions from maiden to mother to queen and wise woman. This ceremony dials in your mythic self. Acknowledging, integrating and celebrating your gifts and powers at a new level. This will become the foundation of you as a conscious embodied woman expressing yourself in the world.

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