"Layla is, hands down, the most powerful healer I have ever met. My work with her has been life altering and the value she brings is much more than the actual time in a session with her. She holds a container and carefully tracks her clients even when not in an actual session.

Investing in myself by working with her has been the most profound gift I have ever given myself. Through my work with Layla, I have returned home to myself."

Des Stone

"Layla is a guide into listening closer to our bodies, our hearts, and the wisdom of all creation. To be coached and mentored by her is a Must for those traveling on the self realization and healing path. I’ve had so many profound life changes because of Layla. Truly a wisdom keeper of our time."

Eve Lamagaia



"Time and again Layla has proven to be the real deal. I highly recommend her work for anyone seeking support to heal their body or spirit, activate their purpose, heal their relationships, or transition to the next phase of life. "

Niema Lightseed


Layla’s wisdom in the realm of the body, spirit and relationship is compelling and supportive. Her vast experience in all phases of life creates a unique perspective that touches young and old alike.

Amy Saloner  



"Layla has the unique capability of meeting people right where they're at. Skilled in several modalities, she provides feedback on multiple levels-physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. I always leave feeling cleansed, up-leveled and nourished.

Layla helps me reconnect to the depths of my feminine power, multi-dimensionally. I am able to bring those insights back with me into my every day world, in the way that I relate to my body, my husband, my child and my community."

Jessica Shinners MFT 


"Layla has taught me by example how to track my psyche, and the magical experiences in my life. She is consistently leading me deeper into my own remembrance through asking the right questions, and reflecting with care and compassion what she is seeing and hearing.

Through my relationship with Layla I am more deeply connected to my purpose, especially to the wisdom of my womb, and reconnected to the power of my own lineage."

Marya Stark

Music Therapist and Musician

"Layla is one of the most sensitive and attuned therapists I have ever worked with.  She (works with many realms, including but not limited to the physical, and) has given me relief and insight on so many occasions.  She is a gem and her lovely work reflects that.  She is truly a bodyworker's bodyworker!"

Sharon Kraus  


"As someone who has experience with energy medicine I have found Layla invaluable in helping me move past areas I was having difficulty resolving. Her considerable collection of modalities and talents always seems to uncover just the right inflection point. Layla’s insights and educated hands always send me away with a feeling of joy and gratitude."

Neil Johanese

"Last year I became pregnant and I believe that the main reason my pregnancy was so blissful was due to the loving care and guidance I received from Layla. The most challenging part of the pregnancy was the psycho-spiritual-emotional aspect. Layla provided the insight, protection, and compassion that supported me having a more graceful experience. I continue to enjoy & value her loving care and guidance in my JOYurney of motherhood. I wish everyone could have Layla in their lives."

Tangelina D'aviatress