Layla Centorrino

I am Layla Centorrino, an Artemis Woman. I mentor women to navigate with awareness and skill the uncharted territories within themselves, their relationships, and their lives. 



My healing and clairvoyant abilities optimize the results of our work together and your ability to connect to your inner power, beauty, and mystery.



I am a seasoned wise-woman guide who tracks and accesses information and understanding, helps open blocked channels, heals unseen wounds, and clears or leverages epigenetic and ancestral influences. As an Artemis Woman, I honor and embrace the deeper mysteries and cycles as a natural part of my intuitive brilliance, wisdom and connection.

My work illuminates and empowers you to navigate life’s transformational transitions with ease. It cultivates lasting alignment with your internal rhythm, compass and divine callings so you can live life on your terms. In my decades of personal training, cultivation, private practice and group work I have gathered an amazing magical bag of tools and modalities to play with. These serve to bring awareness and wholeness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

I hold a sacred container for your safety and growth. I remain conscious of you and with you as we work together, whether it is within a group setting or a long-term relationship as your private mentor. The presence and support I bring serves as a reminder and reflection of your greatness. I am delighted to be an Artemis woman; integrated, embodied, and authentically expressed.

This is who I am and what I do.

What They're Saying


"My work with Layla has been life altering and the value she brings is much more than the actual time in a session with her."

Des Stone

"Layla has brought many changes and healing of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. I would not be where I am without my work with her."

Nancy Lynn


I offer complimentary 20-minute mini-mentoring sessions. Want one?


Here are some of my work highlights:

  • International clientele, many who have been with me for nearly twenty years.
  • Teacher and practitioner for over thirty years: Transformational bodywork, counselor, yoga, colon hydrotherapy, shamanism, energy medicine, and psychic clairvoyance.

  • Creator of Conscious Coupling and Un-Coupling process
  • Creator and Doula of Conscious Baby-making
  • Director of the Saqqara Healing Centre in Florida for nine years.
  • Creation and practice of Gender Alchemy work
  • Training in numerous teachings and traditions that explore the energetics of the masculine and feminine.
  • Ceremony, training and initiations with indigenous ways of life including Mayan Shamanism
  • Moon Lodge Tipi Project – traveled for 6 years teaching and setting up moon lodges in various communities along the west coast and Hawaii. 
  • Rites of Passage and ceremonial work
  • Sacred Women’s Mysteries, including menstrual rites and the wisdom of the womb. 

Who is Artemis?

Artemis Images-02.png

Artemis is one of the oldest known archetypes of the Goddess, even pre-dating her appearance as one of the most loved Olympians in Greek times. She is known for her masterful aim, skill, and independence. She is connected with the moon, nature and the wild, a great huntress as well as the protector of animals, women and girls.  Artemis has a twin brother, Apollo, whose birth she assisted, which is how she became Guardian of Childbirth.

Artemis is sovereign unto herself, not needing to be betrothed or tethered to a man. She hunts and lives on equal terms and is not bound by culture or norms around her dress or appearance. She is a harbinger of light who takes her gifts seriously and uses them to illumine and uplift her world. Artemis is part of a sisterhood that cares for one another and is mutually supportive. She enjoys her freedom to roam and spend time in the forests and mountains.

Her silver bow is also known to bring a painless death. As one who presides over birth and death, Artemis reminds us to be awake and aware, to track and choose wisely during our time here on Earth.

Having asked at a young age for the things she knew she would need to fulfill her destiny, Artemis clearly demonstrated her ability to assess the situation, know what she wanted and how to be supported to live life on her terms and to the fullest!

She represents the kind of woman I am and want to mentor, guide, and teach.



The Artemis Woman



Niema Lightseed, Client


Niema Are you an Artemis woman.jpg

The Artemis Woman embodies the strength, passion, and ever-growing consciousness of the original Artemis. She may be single or in a relationship. She can be in any stage of life and practice any form of faith. These are not the criteria.

What makes a woman an Artemis woman is her focused commitment on cultivating her inner and outer resources so she can aim well and fulfill her callings, bringing her gifts and talents to the world. She has awareness and connection to the seen and unseen forces and is aligned with her own inner power, compass and cycles to navigate opportunities, relationships, and life on her terms and for the benefit of all she loves.

She is about bringing light and leadership to her world as an unstoppable force.



You are an Artemis Woman if...


  • You are entering or ending a relationship. How do you do it consciously, with eyes and heart wide open?
  • You wonder where the pleasure went. How do you reconnect with your feminine source and fulfill all your responsibilities?
  • You are pregnant. How do you prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to receive and parent your coming child?
  • Your life is demanding. How will you harness the strength, skill and spirit to move strategically and with ease through your life?
  • You sometimes feel alone in your quest. How do you find other Artemis women to have the nourishing sisterhood you need to feel cared for and supported?
  • You want more energy. How do you quickly access and align with your source of true power?
  • You want to expand your spiritual capacities. How will you increase your intuitive skill and activate your connection to other dimensions?
  • You want to do life on your terms. How do you hold your own in a culture that encourages you to conform?
  • You are aware of your ticking clock. How do you stay connected to your inner compass and sync to your own rhythm instead of society’s?
  • You are full of creative energy and ready to birth something now. How do you choose with confidence if it is a child, a relationship, a company, or a ripe idea, and how do you time it to succeed?