1:1 Pregnant or Planning To Be Mentorships

For women and/or couples who are pregnant or planning to be.

Pregnant or Planning To Be is a signature program I created for Artemis women and/or couples who are pregnant or wanting to be. I am all about conscious baby-making and I walk with you on your journey to becoming an awake parent.

This will be a time to cultivate the skills needed to stay present, patient and connected as you step across the threshold into motherhood. This mentorship program is full of learning, healing and support on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual. You will experience increased awareness, wisdom and confidence that will uplift all aspects of your pregnancy, childbirth, and relationships.

Our time will include exploration of your birth story, womb wisdom,  the conceptive power of the sperm, connecting with your baby, soul contracts and agreements, epigenetics, examining thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about birth, mother/father/child/parent/grandparent archetypes passed on from your religion, family and culture.

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Destination Retreat

For optimal results, I recommend including my Pregnant or Planning To Be Immersion. See below. 


Artemis Pregnant or Planning To Be Immersion Retreat

Pregnant Artemis Immersion Retreat where we gather for a number of days either near your home or at a destination location. While together, we will design a nurturing and empowering experience that prepares you to meet parenthood consciously, as an Artemis woman/couple, with strength, beauty and grace. 

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The retreat includes:

  • Time for self-care and integration

  • Individual and/or couples sessions- hands-on, womb wisdom, coaching, counseling and communication skills

  • Connecting with the soul who’s coming as your child

  • Rites of Passage for mother/father/co-parent

  • And more


Pregnant Artemis Mix and Match Sessions

Great for a Baby Shower or New Mamma Gift! A series of sacred sessions to support you as a pregnant or post-partum mother to be supported and nurtured as you embrace the power and beauty of being pregnant or having had your baby. Being pregnant and giving birth is such a powerful time – this is a way to honor and deepen into the experience as well as prepare and integrate on all levels.

Transformational Bodywork

Hands-on work that supports your amazing body that is growing, or has grown, your baby. This work includes massage, energetic and somatic healing. Nourishing for body, mind, heart, and soul.

Connecting with Baby

Access your child before it is born. Gaining this connection makes conscious birthing happen. This is also an opportunity to explore your choice to become a mother and the special connection you will have with this soul. These sessions bring all my clairvoyant and psychic abilities to add to your awareness and intuition.

Womb Sessions

Honor and heal any past experiences of your womb, to clear the way for baby and childbirth. These things might include past partners, other births, miscarriages, abortions, sexual trauma, inherited and generational wounds. These sessions serve to awaken and activate the special feminine powers of the womb. Great support for postpartum women to integrate their childbirth experience.

Energy Work

Helps you ground and embrace the changes you are experiencing. Integrate the hormonal, emotional, and energetic changes that happen in preparing and conceiving, being pregnant and post-partum and awaken your intuitive grace and brilliance.


What They're Saying:

"Last year I became pregnant and I believe that the main reason my pregnancy was so blissful was due to the loving care and guidance I received from Layla."

Tangelina D'aviatress


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Artemis Blessing Way Ceremonies

These special ceremonies can be for the pregnant Artemis, the family after baby is born, as well as the home. By holding a sacred and honoring space, we step into the mystery of motherhood, birth and the grace that comes with each child being born. These ceremonial celebrations acknowledge and welcome the ancestral, magical and natural blessings and protection that exist for each mother, child and family. Blessing Way Ceremonies may include family and friends at your home or another location and can be combined as a package.  This makes a great gift for the Pregnant or Postpartum Artemis Woman and family.

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