Artemis 1:1 Sessions

My private mentoring is done through one-on-one sessions, individual and ongoing and retreat style immersions. We explore your goals and challenges. Then we discover your unique unfolding that serves your deepest healing, fullest embodiment and whole hearted success. Each session is intuitively guided and customized, supporting you in consciously navigating the currents of your life. 

My Artemis clients report immediate and life-changing results. I hold you in a sacred energetic container, bringing my psychic abilities and inviting the ancestors and greater mysteries to join us. This takes the experience to the next level of understanding, embodied empowerment, and real-life relevance.

Artemis 1:1 clients have access to my live and online group events at a reduced rate.

Some of the primary modalities I bring are:

Personal Mentoring

Similar but more than coaching and counseling we will hold a sacred container as you grow and blossom over time. These transformational sessions are intuitively guided by what is alive right now. Blending a mix of modalities such as guided meditations and journeys, invoking ancestral and other unseen support, deeper inquiry, exploration and understanding of aspects being illuminated, inner child work, energetic awareness - grounding and boundaries, alchemical exercises, ceremonies and more. Together we adventure deeper with the aid and support of my clairvoyant abilities and healing gifts.  

When in a committed mentorship, we have scheduled sessions and calls, energetic tracking and holding including when not in session, staying in touch- check ins by phone and text, homework and more. These sessions and ongoing work may include any of the following as well.

Transformational Bodywork

Hands-on work that attends to all of you. This work includes structural, cranial and facial bodywork blended with energetic and somatic healing. Great for tending to trauma and injury on all levels. Nourishing for body, mind, heart, and soul.

Energy Mentoring

Cultivate your intuitive brilliance by expanding your awareness and abilities in the energetic realms. This work supports having increased energy as well as becoming more skilled in the areas of healthy boundaries, living in the body, and being more conscious about how your and others energies work, a key to conscious relating.

Womb Sessions

Honor and heal any past experiences of your womb. These things might include past and present lovers, births, miscarriages, abortions, sexual trauma, inherited and generational wounds. These sessions serve to awaken and activate the special feminine powers of the womb. Great support for pre-conception, pregnant and postpartum women to prepare and integrate their childbirth experience.


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Artemis Awakened Womb Session

Honor and heal any past experiences of your womb, to be connected to your inner compass and callings. These sessions serve to awaken and activate the special feminine powers of the womb. Things we might clear include past lovers, births, miscarriages, abortions, sexual trauma, inherited and generational wounds. Womb sessions are great for pregnant or planning to be pregnant and post-partum women.

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What They're Saying:

"Guided by Layla, I have discovered a link to my own lineage healing through my womb and my ongoing relationship to my moon cycle. This, coupled with the teachings I receive from Layla regularly, has been of indescribable impact."

Marya Stark


Artemis Honoring Ceremony

This ceremony is a powerful way to honor any life-changing milestone you have crossed or are crossing. These can be empty nest, health challenge, divorce, death or loss on any level, new career or business, becoming a mother or grandmother, graduation, new cycle of life, or whatever it is that is rocking your world. The Honoring Ceremony empowers the Artemis woman to consciously walk across that threshold deeply acknowledging and embracing her gifts and powers, renewing her passion to live life on her terms.


Maiden: Mother: Queen: Wise Woman: Rite of Passage

This potent rite of passage supports the Artemis woman at any age to consciously honor and celebrate the transitions from maiden to mother to queen and wise woman. This ceremony dials in your mythic self. Acknowledging, integrating and celebrating your gifts and powers at a new level. This will become the foundation of you as a conscious embodied woman expressing yourself in the world.


Artemis Moon Circle

The Artemis Moon Circle sisterhood experience explores the deeper Women’s Menstrual Mysteries and Artemis Way of being. We will journey to those places lost and forgotten as well as the sacred space of knowing within you, full of potential, power and magic. This work supports you living in synch with the innate rhythms of your body and psyche. 

In our time together we will have sacred teachings, guided womb journeys, and transformational clearings and activations that will restore connection, harmony and balance. This will become a strong foundation for lifelong vitality and more effective and productive use of your time, energy and intuitive brilliance. 

Doing this work in a group heightens and expands our capacity to grasp all that it means to be a woman.


Artemis Way Workshops

The Artemis Way is a series of workshops that ready you to live The Artemis Way in your life and work. Each event is themed to a different aspect of being an Artemis woman, including Birthing your Gifts, Artemis in Relationships, Aligning with your Inner Compass & Callings, Moon Magic, Pregnant Artemis, and more. In our time together you will cultivate, strengthen, hone and celebrate your personal skills and talents, leaving you transformed and empowered as an Artemis Woman.

 Note: Artemis Workshops can be personalized to your group or circle of friends. 


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