Artemis Moon Magic

Artemis is the Goddess of the moon, the wild and the great huntress. What are you tracking for this next moon cycle? As women we are all holding and tracking so much. Each month when we cycle it is an opportunity to stop and reflect. Who and what have I been holding and caring for this month? Is it still serving me or them? We truly underestimate the power of our holding and considering and caring for those we love as a life changing power of the feminine. Indeed it is a potent force of love that we bring to all we put our attention on. Including our work, children, beloveds, family and community, the world and its concerns - all this lives inside of us as women – often held in our wombs and hearts and other parts of our psyche and being as well.

In order to live as powerful women able to birth and bring forth the future we need to learn to empty and let go what is no longer serving or ours to carry. In the act of reflection and discernment we can release with gratitude, self acknowledgment and ease. By creating this space each month we can maintain awareness of our magical powers and keep our inner and outer space clear and aligned. By practicing moon magic and other sacred menstrual rites we can tend to ourselves and our world, whether we are still bleeding or not. Making time for this restores balance and harmony with natural time and the greater cycles of life and nature. Take time at least once a month to stop and BE, with yourself, your body and deeper knowings. It’s Radical and Required!

As Artemis Women we are blessed to be connected and informed by the Sacred Mysteries. These contain the insights, awareness and teachings that guide us as women to know how to tend for ourselves and each other in ways that honor and nourish all life. This next cycle of remembering these mysteries together is here as we gather in circles, red tents and on line sisterhoods. The time is now to delve deeper into how these mysteries are alive in you and ways to nurture and cultivate them, and how to pass them on to our children.

Will you make time this moon to meet your wild woman and see what she is wanting for this next cycle? How will you empty your basket to make room for the new? What are your dreams revealing and whom shall you share them with?

Layla Centorrino