Conscious Babymaking

If you could conceive, birth and parent future children coming to transform our world, would you?

How amazing that we get to have so much choice around how we conceive, birth and raise our children. What an honor to bring more consciousness to birthing the future generations by preparing ourselves for parenting with a new level of personal growth and awareness. The children now are different than we were and require new paradigms of thought and stewarding. As part of this next wave of conscious Baby-Making we get to take the time to clear our hearts, minds and bodies of old outdated, passed on beliefs that have us act out ways of being that no longer serve us as new conscious parents and community.

With the trend toward divorce in the last 20 years and the addition of new fertility and conception options we have created a new norm of families with single and multiple parents, step parents/ siblings and new styles of relationship. The complexity of it all calls us to do the deeper work around conscious relating and staying present. We do this for the sake of our own hearts and so we can pass on what is best about loving one another with honor and respect. Making the effort to heal our own wounds so we can stay open and loving is the only way to a more joyful and intimate version of relating and family that stays connected through the generations.

In the work I do we begin this journey toward conscious relating and Baby Making by examining your inner ideas around the archetypes of man, woman, mother, father, child and family. More is revealed through reflecting on your own birth story, childhood and subconscious ideas and templates given to you from your family, religion and culture. Through this work you gain access to the power to redefine and align with your own true values. This allows you to become more conscious in your choice to have children and able to become the kind of parent you want to be.

Cultivating the ability to stay present with all the relationships, responsibilities and options available to us today is no small task, even before adding children! To do it well we need support and mentoring. For many our parents and the culture haven’t prepared us to be the kind of people and parents we hope and want to be to raise the future leaders of our world. May this blog serve as a jump off into the deeper work. The results are rewarding in more ways than can be named. May the future children be blessed with aware parents that can guide and nourish the magic and promise they bring to our world!

Layla Centorrino